Hand Over Their Hearts…

Every evening at exactly sunset, the sweet sound of Taps plays over our outdoor speakers at our busy restaurant located just 200 yards from the shore of Lake Michigan in st. Joseph Michigan.

We are in a spot that, especially in warmer weather, is fairly crowded with people standing and waiting to watch the beautiful Lake Michigan sunset.

It’s interesting to watch the reactions. Almost everyone quits talking and just listens. Older people perhpps with a background in the armed forces, will put their hand over their heart and remove their hat if they’re wearing one.

It touches everyone gives a 53 second pause to the day, to think about our great country and to reflect. We actually received a letter from a vet thanking us and the local newspaper wrote a story about it.

This is one of the best business purchases we have ever made. It just gives such a nice end to the day. We are going to add two more speaker so we can broadcast in a more complete circle.

Jay Costas

Silver Beach Pizza