Civil War Memorial Trail

In 2012 The South Shore Civil War Memorial trail was created.  Designed as a way for visitors to learn of Indiana’s Civil War history, the trail utilizes QR code technology and provides guests with information of the heroes and families who served in the war and help build our country at the war’s end.

As soon as I learned of “TAPS” I knew that this product would be a great way to interact with trail visitors.  We have installed “TAPS” at each of the cemeteries along the Civil War Memorial Trail, and trail visitors as well as those visiting their loved ones, have commented on the sense of dignity and reverence they feel when hearing taps play at sunset.  This is a great product, and the sense of patriotism and pride it evokes cannot be adequately conveyed here.  Congratulations to Bill Wellman, you have created something that continues to touch people’s lives every day!

Proud “TAPS” Supporter,

Speros A. Batistatos, FCDME

South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority